This past weeked we tried our best to devo alot of trail at Maribel Caves. We had some new volunteers come out to join in on the fun (Chris from Hortonville and Ben from Copperstown) thanks guys!

Richmond and Josh. planning for the attack.


We had standing water on part of our new section of trail. We wanted to armor this section ASAP before it got to messed up.
Richmond and Ben haul'n rock to the mucky trail section.


Here's the mucky area. The plan: fix it before it get's too fudged up.

Here's Richmond and Ben try'n to fix the mucky spot. The rocks are protecting the trail from getting torn up, but it is killing the flow of the trail and not working the best. Hopefully in the near future we can build a slight bermed bridge to go over this wet spot of trail.

We had this one problem but at the end of the day, the trail work day was awesome!! thanks to all that came out to help!