We had our 1st GRAVY BURNER this year, Hopefully this will be the first of many as a new tradition for MTB'n after turkey day In Manty Co at Maribel Caves.

Although the GRAVY BURNER was a ton of fun and we had a good turn out....Some dirt bags tried to break into our shed. Not a alot of damage was done.

But this loser (our group of losers) did break into the cavers trailer. The authorties were notified and a report was filled out.

this was Jim's 1st time out a MC...he liked it.

Jack: burning the gravy

Wade and Jim: overheating just a bit. 

  Rabies, Richmond and Rabies: cut around the new switchback.

Richmond and Rabies: ride'n fresh dirt.

hope to see you out at the GRAVY BURNER 2012.