Maribel Caves MTB Trail....NOW OPEN 2015

    Hey Ya'll,
I am proud to say that the Maribel Caves Mountain Bike Trail is now 100% open for 2015. We will no longer need to use the hiking trail in the North West Section. Although the North West Section of trail is open to ride, we do have some areas of trail the we need to cut down to the mineral soil.  So yeah...Maribel is dry and fast. We had a large number of face slappers that we had to get rid of in all of the Pine sections and we will need to go through some areas of trail with a leaf blower. Other than's ready to rip.

Public Message: Just because a trail system is open for the season doesn't mean it is going to be open every day and ready to ride. We close our trails after a heavy rain and storms (to remove any deadfall or branches) sometimes we close the trail on trail work days where we would fix bridges or other features. Please respect all trails that are closed. We have 2 big reasons for closing trails, Protect the environment and for Your SAFETY. Thanks!