BRAUN BUILDING is no doubt our largest supporter and sponsor. Paul Braun is a cycling enthusiasts on all levels of the sport. He sees the importance of having local trail systems in our community and he goes above and beyond in doing what he can to help promote trails for Manitowoc Cnty.
BRAUN BUILDING has designed and built a tool shed for the Camp Vits Trail System. This Tool shed will not only store our trail building supplies but will also host a Bike Wash Station and Park info signage. The Bike Wash Station will be used for giving your bike a quick rinse before you ride The Camp Vits Trail. Washing or rinsing your bike before you enjoy the trail at Camp Vits will reduce the risk of spreading invasive plant seeds that may have been on your bike from a previous ride. After placing the tool shed in the park, we will work on installing rain gutters and a rain barrel that will be part of the Bike Wash Station.
THE NEW OM is still in need of financial support to help build, maintain and improve our trail systems in Manitowoc Cnty. We are also in need of volunteers to help us with the progression of building beautiful sustainable environment friendly trails for all users to enjoy. If you can help in anyway, Please contact Wade Marks at<> or 920.905.2809