The meeting last week turned out great!  We had 30 people show up (+ all the emails and phone calls from people that want to join and support the club but could not attend the meeting), including the guys from KRANKS, Green Bay and Kewuanee. Thanks to all that showed up!
 This meeting really proved that there is a need for a trail in the Manitowoc co area.

A-Plan weekly group rides + car pool to trails around Wisconsin ( maybe a few camping trips).

B- Form a fund raising committie within the club.
 1-raise money for local charitable orinizations. 
 2-raise money for future trail building in Manitowoc co.

C- Get groups together to go up north and help out our WORBA chapter brothers from KRANKS to build new and maintain the old trails in the Kewainee co area.

(i'll add more agenda stuff a lil later)

Please email me with pics and club member info to add to the site.

thanks again ya'll for the support-Wade-