Letter of support from Mayor Justin Nickles

Discussions on the development of a hiking, biking and cross country skiing trail in Camp Vits continue. Recently, the City Council approved moving forward with developing plans, in conjunction with a local mountain biking group of volunteers, to develop this underutilized park.

It has always been the goal of the city to maintain the natural beauty and condition of this park. We never planned on building large parking lots, or basketball and tennis courts, rather to maintain the magnificent beauty of the terrain and habitat. Creating a trail system will do just that and will encourage more residents to utilize this park in a healthy style. Bike trails are becoming more and more prominent nationwide, especially within the younger generation.

Young professionals are looking to communities which have these quality of life amenities and this park provides an excellent opportunity to capture that interest. The recent Herald Times Reporter article stated several concerns from neighbors. I can assure the citizens of the city of Manitowoc that we have gone above and beyond to address all the concerns of the neighboring Town of Manitowoc Rapids residents, and I have personally met with several individuals for countless hours to calm their concerns.

This is a positive development for the City of Manitowoc and will not attract drugs and alcohol into the park. This is already a City of Manitowoc park and any citizen is more than welcome to, right now, utilize this park. This trail will be constructed with DNR and city approval, insight from Woodland Dunes and Ice Age Trail staff, and will be maintained by volunteers for little to no cost to taxpayers.