Proposed mountain bike trail stirs debate

Camp Vits neighbors 'fearing for our safety, our property, the invasion'

I don't know what the above statement really means, it was posted on the HTR....anyways....

We had a big write up in the HTR this weekend about our Trail Development at Camp Vits. The neighbors of the park are very concerned about people trespassing, making a mountain of garbage and drug use. Are these legitimate concerns or false assumptions? Our club and all trail users of this park know that having this trail system is a privilege and not a right. We plan to treat this as such. If you are a concerned Camp Vits neighbor, please do some research about trail systems and who uses them.
It is a proven fact that the presence of our club and the trail system at Maribel Caves has reduced the traffic of undesirables, illegal activity and other stuff going on that we won't mention here (but it is NOT good).  Our trail will bring good things to community! Wait and see.

 I know that this is a hot topic on Facebook right now. We do appreciate all the support from our community on FB but....We (The NEW OM) DOES NOT encourage or promote any negative replies or comments to the opposing parties. If you are a NEW OM supporter, Please show respect.
Thanks!! -Wade Marks-

This is a pic of myself and Chuck Sontag.