Mountain Bike Trail DEVO Approved for the City of Manitowoc!!!!

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Our organization has gained approval from the Manitowoc City Council and the Park&Rec Dept to
develop a Mountain Bike Trail System at Camp Vits City Park. Thank you all that have attended
these meetings (supporting and opposing parties)!! At the City meetings, The NEW OM had the
support of The Wisconsin Speleological Society, The Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin and the
Manitowoc Fish And Game. We did face opposition at these City meetings like any project that is
State, City or County. Some of these people showed concern about sensitive vegetation and the wild
life that resides on this property. And the neighbors of this park showed concern of people
trespassing on their property.
 We are going to work with the Wisconsin DNR to get the Natural Heritage Inventory looked at on this
 What is natural Heritage Inventory?
Natural Heritage Inventories are designed to inform the public and give them a tool to use in
planning the future of their communities. County and municipal planners; federal, state and local
agencies; businesses; environmental consultants; developers; private citizens, local conservation
organizations; and many other groups use these studies to help make land-use decisions. With
increasing emphasis on planning within the Commonwealth, these studies are important for the
conservation of  natural resources.

 And for the Neighbors of Camp Vits, The NEW OM will work with the Manitowoc City Engineering
Dept and the City Planner to find the exact borderline of city and private property. We will then
design and build a split log fence with a sufficient buffer area placed on the city property to give the
neighbors the privacy and respect that they deserve.
Along with the trail development, we also need to plan and work on taking care of the overwhelming
user impact that Camp Vits is suffering from.
This trail system is going to be opened to other user groups to enjoy…..this is NOT only for the
Mountain Bike Community.
This is just the beginning for something GREAT for Manitowoc!!!!

 Please take note that this is WORK IN PROGRESS and anything stated above is subject to change.
We plan to do this right the first time and we may need to take in consideration other avenues to
make this project work for all.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss any issues.

-Wade Marks- President

This is what a Split Log or Split rail Fence looks like.