Mountain Bike Trail in the city of Manitowoc????

This past Friday, George Kaptiz and myself had a meeting with Justin Nickels (Mayor of Manty),  Kevin Glaeser (Manty Parks) and Paul Braun (Deputy City Planner for Manty) for possible Mountain Bike Trail Development in the city of Manitowoc. The Property that we are looking at is Camp Vits City Park. This park is 76.62 acres of undeveloped land. The meeting went extremely well and the attendees were very perceptive to our club and what we stand for. As of right now, we have gained permission to design and pin flag a beginner/intermediate trail loop on the upper level of the park. And we will need to design other Mountain Biking trail options for advanced riders. These trail designs will then be submitted to the Manitowoc City council and will hopefully get approved to build trail .
keep an eye out for any and all updates.