Yup, we're always busy building trail. It feels like that it will never end, but we're cool with it.
Note: that chainsaw, Darrell always has that thing.

Here's a start of a boardwalk that is placed over an area of our trail that likes to hold water.

Completed Boardwalk: Darrell, Chris, Corry
If we did not place this boardwalk here, we would need to reroute the trail or the trail would take abuse from natrural and user impact.

Chris: taking great care to make this section smooth.
I said this a million times and i'll say it again:
Our trail is designed and built to be the most
environmentally friendly sustainable trail as possible, making it extremely
enjoyable to ride. This is something that we take great pride in.

Darrell and another one of his master pieces:
 This is a boardwalk that is going over another section of trail that holds water. This Boardwalk has a little bit of a pitch leaning inside the turn. It's not a berm, but it is banked to help keep the rider stay on it a little easier.

You can hit this Boardwalk with alot of speed. ENJOY!!!