Camp Vits....User Erosion

If approved....We plan to develop a sustainable environmentally friendly trail system for our community to enjoy. Our club will not only open up this beautiful park to multi user groups; we will also work on fixing existing user erosion, re-vegetate some of the plant life, and remove invasive plants. Our short term goal for this park is to make a beginner Mountain Bike trail with advanced riding options on the flat North West section of Camp Vits Park. Our long term goal is to gain the financing and volunteers to build two bridges on the South West side of the park, to make the entire property accessible to the public.

this is what the entrance of the park looks like now.


Mortorized vehicles are NOT allowed in the park. But right now...nobody can stop them.
ATV's have chewed up this section of land so bad that they started to braid the trail around the tree to the left causeing more impact and erosion.

below is a pic of the creek that is seperating this property from the North and South side. Hopefully we can connect these two sections of land with a bridge.



Manitowoc Cnty Fish & Game Meeting

Last nite I was invited to the Manitowoc County Fish and Game Meeting to speak about our potential MTB Trail project at Camp Vits Park. The presentation was not only informing their committee about what we want to develop at the park but also to gain some financial and volunteer support. They have voted and agreed to donate $500 to our club when the project is approved by the Manitowoc City Council. What I feel is more important that any dollar amount giving to our club is the that this organization fully supports and believes in our club and what we are doing for our community.

Thank you Manty Cnty Fish&Game - The NEW OM

Manitowoc Cty Council meeting about MTB trail at Camp Vits

Last night I got the chance to speak at the Manitowoc city council meeting about our MTB trail Devo at Camp Vits. The meeting went extreamly well. We have full support from the Cty Park&Rec Dept, The Mayor and the board. Hopefully we should be moveing forward on this project soon.

The HTR covered the story here:


We have gained permission to camp for one nite on the property that we made our trail on. This is going to be alot of fun! The park does have bathrooms running water. We are charging $15 per camping unit. All the cash will go towards future MTB'n projects in Manitowoc Cnty. Bring the entire family for a nite of fun camping and MTB'n.

Maribel MTB Trail is still CLOSED's 50 degrees and sunny....let's go ride!!!

Before you go ride'n on any MTB Trail, it would be wise to find out if that trail system is open. Trails may be closed in the winter and part of the spring or closed after a hard rain. Trails around the state are starting to open up but most are still closed due to our super awesome long Wisconsin winter. Ride'n on closed trails can cause user impact (see the ruts in the pic below). Ruts can then hold water and cause more impact on the trail and the environment.

Please RESPECT all trails that are closed.
Maribel MTB Trail is still closed. Please be patient & wait a few more weeks.

THANKS from all the trail stewards from around the state of Wisconsin and beyond!

Mountain Bike Trail in the city of Manitowoc????

This past Friday, George Kaptiz and myself had a meeting with Justin Nickels (Mayor of Manty),  Kevin Glaeser (Manty Parks) and Paul Braun (Deputy City Planner for Manty) for possible Mountain Bike Trail Development in the city of Manitowoc. The Property that we are looking at is Camp Vits City Park. This park is 76.62 acres of undeveloped land. The meeting went extremely well and the attendees were very perceptive to our club and what we stand for. As of right now, we have gained permission to design and pin flag a beginner/intermediate trail loop on the upper level of the park. And we will need to design other Mountain Biking trail options for advanced riders. These trail designs will then be submitted to the Manitowoc City council and will hopefully get approved to build trail .
keep an eye out for any and all updates.

2013 Trail Building Education Course

 2013 DNR Trail Training Courses Open for Registration
Attendees will graduate from this 4-day class with a greater knowledge and understanding of current trail design and construction techniques. Each day of the training will have a classroom component and hands-on application. Attendance at all four days of the training is required. You’ll be taught how to create natural (dirt) surface trails that:
        *  Minimize impact to resources
        *  Minimize maintenance
        *  Do not go beyond capacity of the land
        *  Keep users on the trail
Each day of the course builds upon the knowledge from the previous day. Day 1 covers trail design and layout; Day 2, trail construction; Day 3, trail maintenance; and Day 4 is when you’ll put it all together for practical application and obtain completion certificates. The training is free to public trail volunteers and land managers. Cost for other attendees is $425. The 2013 trainings will be held in Eau Claire, La Crosse, and Madison areas. For more information and to sign up:


Jason Manders and the crew at "Trail Genius" stopped out at MC last fall to video and GPS our trail to add to thier site.

Click here to see our trail in action.
this online tool is super bad ass!! We will be slowly building this site with more info, sponsors, music and more.

4th Annual PORT 2 POINT

Holy Crap!! Our 4th Annual PORT 2 POINT MTB ride / Fund Raiser is this come'n April 7th. Hope you can come out to ride and eat some pizza. We will ride the rode to Point Beach if the trail has snow. Bring the entire family out to this fun event.


MTB trail at Maribel CLOSED for Winter

 The NEW OM and the Manitowoc Co parks have agrreed to close the MTB trails to Biking in the winter. This will allow winter sports at Maribel to take full advatage of the property while snow is on the ground. We came to this decesion due to our MTB trail crossing the Ski Trail to many times. Please show respect to the other user groups of this property.

See Ya in the spring...THANKS!!!-The NEW OM

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