Hey Folks, it's that time of year again where we can all gather and have fun at Maribel Caves MTB trail. Hope to see ya!!


Camp Vits Tool Shed

Camp Vits finally dried up enough to get our tool shed delivered. The Good people at Braun Building have designed, built and delivered the shed for us. Thanks to all that helped to make this happen!!

2015 The NEW OM Jersey

Here's a pic of what the 2015 NEW OM Jersey will look like. We are going to have them produced by JL Velo from California. They offered us the best price with a short sleeve option (Most places only offered 3/4 and Long Sleeve). This is made with moisture wicking material with mesh vents under the arm. Price per Jersey is $51 and we will need to pay a $65 art fee along with tax and shipping. The Jersey will cost us around $63.....depending on how many peeps will order. I should get the fit kit next week (5-27-15). Please give me a call so we can get you fitted at 920.905.2809.


For those of you that are interested, I will have the Fit-Kit with me at Maribel this Thursday and will have the Fit-Kit till June 12. You can call me anytime time to arrange to get fitted. I will need to be paid in full by June 12th if you want a Jersey.

Trail Work

We have been Trail Building at Camp Vits every Sat since March on the new "River Trail". We are coming close to finishing the section by the river but it will take a few months to complete our trail along the hillside to get to the river. We are always looking for volunteers. Please contact Wade at 920.905.2809 if you would like to help.
thanks! -The NEW OM


CAMP VITS.....In the HTR this week

The Camp Vits Trail has made our local rag again. Our City planners and officials are doing a great job and doing what they can to improve our local trail system. Thanks MANTY!!!!!!!.


Maribel Caves MTB Trail....NOW OPEN 2015

    Hey Ya'll,
I am proud to say that the Maribel Caves Mountain Bike Trail is now 100% open for 2015. We will no longer need to use the hiking trail in the North West Section. Although the North West Section of trail is open to ride, we do have some areas of trail the we need to cut down to the mineral soil.  So yeah...Maribel is dry and fast. We had a large number of face slappers that we had to get rid of in all of the Pine sections and we will need to go through some areas of trail with a leaf blower. Other than that....it's ready to rip.

Public Message: Just because a trail system is open for the season doesn't mean it is going to be open every day and ready to ride. We close our trails after a heavy rain and storms (to remove any deadfall or branches) sometimes we close the trail on trail work days where we would fix bridges or other features. Please respect all trails that are closed. We have 2 big reasons for closing trails, Protect the environment and for Your SAFETY. Thanks!



This past PORT 2 POINT Bike Ride and Fundraiser has been our most successful P2P event yet. We had over 60 people for the ride and pizza party and we walked away with of $1000!!!!! A lot of kids and women participated in the O'Beater Meter challenge and we had great prizes thanks to our sponsors from BIKE n FIT, Heavy Pedal and the Fitness Store.
Thanks to all that came out to help raise money for building trails for our area..


    BRAUN BUILDING is no doubt our largest supporter and sponsor. Paul Braun is a cycling enthusiasts on all levels of the sport. He sees the importance of having local trail systems in our community and he goes above and beyond in doing what he can to help promote trails for Manitowoc Cnty.
BRAUN BUILDING has designed and built a tool shed for the Camp Vits Trail System. This Tool shed will not only store our trail building supplies but will also host a Bike Wash Station and Park info signage. The Bike Wash Station will be used for giving your bike a quick rinse before you ride The Camp Vits Trail. Washing or rinsing your bike before you enjoy the trail at Camp Vits will reduce the risk of spreading invasive plant seeds that may have been on your bike from a previous ride. After placing the tool shed in the park, we will work on installing rain gutters and a rain barrel that will be part of the Bike Wash Station.
THE NEW OM is still in need of financial support to help build, maintain and improve our trail systems in Manitowoc Cnty. We are also in need of volunteers to help us with the progression of building beautiful sustainable environment friendly trails for all users to enjoy. If you can help in anyway, Please contact Wade Marks at wade@ceaserobot.com<mailto:wade@ceaserobot.com> or 920.905.2809


Camp Vits Trail Work Days

Trail Work.


Oh Yeah, Spring is here...kinda. The snow is gone and we are all itching to ride our bikes. Please be respectful to the local trails and only ride trails that are open. As of right now, Our trails at Camp Vits and Maribel Caves are not. The sign below will be posted on our trails. We'll let you know when it's good to ride our trails. THANKS!!!!!!!.

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