duane and myself took a trail design/building/crew leader class last week in LaCrosse wisco that was taught by Mike Riter from TDS.
 and the good folks from HPT hosted the land and some good eats. thanks Luke and Frenchy!!


 the class was 4 days long and now i think i know everthing there is to know about building trails. so does Duane. here he is supervising Brando on forming the back cut.

and...... we got to ride a lil bit too.

yeah... that syas OB-1 and the Dark Side

bad ace pump track with a view

 we had a blast rip'n the woods.  i made a friend when taking a much needed break. look really close...closer.. see it?


congrats to all that gave a lil blood sweat and tears at the 1st 2010 WORS race.

 can you find ANN? she's rock'n the sweet new HEAVY PEDAL gear.


ahhhhh, new fresh trails. Mark is having his way with the earth and lay'n some new track in AZ.

we'll be doing the same in manty co. soon.


just got the 2010 WORS handbook.

and....Ann is on pg 29...


iv'e been slacking in the art dept. but my friend Tamara Waite-Santibanez is kick'n ass.....hard.

Here is a print that you can purchase from her. 5 color screenprint!!!

cantact at


Dan and Ann from Heavy Pedal bike shop got a nice story in the HTR. check it.


This meeting is going to rule!!!  We are going to play outside for a little bit and we are going to have Harold from WORBA speak to us about the in and outs on gettting a trail started. Hope ya'll can make it for some pizza and drinks.

National Bike Summit 2010 - Building on 10 Years of Progress

Bicycling has come a long way in the last 10 years. Our movement has grown larger and more effective; the number of people riding is growing in almost every community in the nation. We need more people on bikes more often, and the reasons just keep on growing. Whether it’s obesity, health care, climate change, air quality, energy independence, traffic congestion, economic development or quality of life issues – bicycling has got to be part of the solution. In 2010, Congress and our Federal agencies will be setting national targets and goals for 2020. They will be writing transportation, climate, health care, natural resources and other critical pieces of legislation that will shape our future. Bicycling must be prominently featured in these important pieces of legislation, documents, funding streams and programs.

Ten years ago, the first National Bike Summit brought just over 100 advocates and industry leaders to Washington, D.C. – this year we need to be closer to 1,000 participants to make a strong impact. Join us and speak up for bicycling; discover how your voice can truly be heard. Help the League of American Bicyclists celebrate 10 years of progress, and help us propel into a new decade of the bicycle!


The meeting last week turned out great!  We had 30 people show up (+ all the emails and phone calls from people that want to join and support the club but could not attend the meeting), including the guys from KRANKS, Green Bay and Kewuanee. Thanks to all that showed up!
 This meeting really proved that there is a need for a trail in the Manitowoc co area.

A-Plan weekly group rides + car pool to trails around Wisconsin ( maybe a few camping trips).

B- Form a fund raising committie within the club.
 1-raise money for local charitable orinizations. 
 2-raise money for future trail building in Manitowoc co.

C- Get groups together to go up north and help out our WORBA chapter brothers from KRANKS to build new and maintain the old trails in the Kewainee co area.

(i'll add more agenda stuff a lil later)

Please email me with pics and club member info to add to the site.

thanks again ya'll for the support-Wade-

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