TREK started in 1976 in Waterloo, WI in this barn.

outside the new TREK plant

it all started with this man here...DICK BURKE

the first Gary Fisher and one of the newest.....magic

Gary made this thing with moto bike parts and passion for off road ride'n

one of many indoor bike racks for the employees at TREK


some guy named lance has a bunch of bikes hanging up...

and some spanish kid has bikes from TREK too.... i heard he no longer rides a TREK...

Rockdale WI, has one of the best trails. CORP did a great job with trail design here. it truly fells like a "MTB trail" great design and alot of awesome features and cool people...

father and son......come on Randy....get on his wheel....

Randy...navagating through one of the many tight and twisty sections


Riverview park got shanked a few weeks ago by a killer rain and wind storm. the peeps from KRANKS called for some help and got a good crew together to help clean up the trail.

i made a lil foot bridge to gap a small creek x'n. 5.5' long x 18" wide.

it was going to be a break away bridge but i decided against that and armored it with rocks from the creek.......

......and more rocks til we ended up with a 15' rock garden before the bridge.

here's travis use'n some good ole man power to remove trees off the tread. there was a team of 3 chainsaw
crews that removed most of the large trees and added some new log rolls.

one of the crews found a bridge, weird....
and Rabies is supervising making sure that Mark and Chris are doing a good job.

build bridges not bombs..... here's Travis dropping bombs at 30mph on the half pipe.

Earls place has fun roller-coaster sections on a crazy step grade.

follow the dotted line......... there are a total of 4 solid fast walls you can carve before going back into the
woods or doing it all over again.....(Travis is the white dot in the upper left)
Richmond likes hill repeats and hits it 3 more times before going into the woods.

now go ride this rules!!!

29er fund raise'n tee

be the first kid on your block to get this bad ace 29er tee. we are now takeing per orders. this back covering will cost ya 17 bones. all the cash will go into the manty co. trail building fund. 


The Capital Off-Road Pathfinders and The Viking Biking Club are proud to present the 2nd annual Twelve Hours of Pitch Black Singletrack. PBST will be held at Cam-Rock County Park, Rockdale, WI on September 4th&5th, 2010. they've changed it to a Saturday start to allow everybody a day of travel and pre-riding. Mass start for all classes at 8p.m. with finish times as follows: 11 p.m. (3 hr.), 2 a.m. (6 hr.) and 8 a.m. (12 hr.) for the crazies that are tough enough to last ALL NIGHT LONG!
So, grab your rig, charge your lights and challenge your friends for bragging rights!

We (THE NEW OM) are looking for people from Manty Co. that want to join us for the fun and team up for the 12 hour burn. right now we have 5-7 committed riders for this event. it would be nice to have 2-3 teams of 4 riders.....or we can break that up.
 and..... you can join WORBA for 15 bucks when you enter a WEMS race. please contact wade in the next week or 2 about race teams.


Wisconsin Endurance Mountain Bike Series registration


the ride and gnar b-q turned out to be a great time (off and on the trail) and a good turn out..... a lil greasy on the trails but a chit ton of fun.
here we are before the action.
Jon, Mia, Eric, Wade, Dan, Jake, Chris

father and son duo...chan and gabe.
KIDS: please note the safe distance that gabe is giv'n his pops. you want to do this cause when your parent figure won't run over them.

after a few hrs of hard ride'n...make sure you get those fluids back into the body. i thought Jake was wearing a white jersey.

thanks to HEAVY PEDAL and all the crazys that decided to come out that day. BIG thanks for the HOLCOMB family for showing us alt trail routs and ride'n options.

oh yeah......Thanks Jon for the fat tube and FAT TIRE!!!


come join the fun on july 18th.


Sheboygan has super fun trails and it's only 40 mins from Two Rivers.
ahhhh ...oooohhh ahh... feel the burn...Chris is now a man. 1st time up the equalizer.

the guys that built this trail (the FAT KATS) did a great job at armoring the creek crossing. you wouldn't know it was a creek except for your left foot getting wet......why is it only the left foot???

clean Kubsh......up the equalizer, what the heck is smileing about???

dirty and bloody Kubsh.....still happy

take I 43 to hwy 42 east.... quarry parking will be on your left or go up a lil bit and take the evergreen park on the right.
Wear a helmet and get a 29er. the "ROOTS OF EVIL" will be waiting for you.



 a challenge was issued by the city of Sheboygan to Manitowoc regarding a walk/bike to work week. they want people to keep track of miles to and from work. you can do this by :

Track your miles and at the end of the week (June 11th) enter the information on the Manitowoc web site. <>

Let's do this and crush SHEVAGAS!!


I am proud to say that THE NEW OM has received sponsorship from MT. BORAH. They will be producing our jerseys here in good ole Wisconsin. They make top of the line quality outdoor active wear.
Mt.Borah did work for the 2010 winter Olympics

<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />and they made this too.....crazy detail.

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