MTB'n + Bar B-Q'n = GOOD TIMES!!!

This is our 2nd year doing a MTB ride & Bar B-Q in Sheboygan. We had a crap ton of fun and a good turn out last year but wanted to make this year a lil different. We had this event more for the entire family rather than just the hard core MTB'r.

 We even set up a section of trail just for the KIDZ. This section started in the picnic area and looped around back. We placed signs where some of the trail would split so the kids would not get lost. This was moderate section of trail that is perfect for kids or beginner MTBers.


Mother and Daughter MTB'n.    Yes, I was in tree when I took this Picture.

Mark E.

.Dwight E taking over the log pile after his pops.

Oh Yeah....We had a grill out too that was just as fun as hitting the trails.

Future MTB trail advocates???

Emma holds the lead on her dad.

.Walter was there too...everybody loves Walter...Hey Chris, Nice Jersey!!!

I would like to thank the HOLCOMB Family and the FAT KATZ for helping out in promoting this event along with our Manty Bike shops (HEAVY PEDAL BICYCLE LLC. & BROKEN SPOKE BIKE STUDIO) &of course all the familys that came out.

Hopefully we can have this event next year in Manty Co.

MTB ride and BAR B-Q


we are doing 2 fund raisers this weekend. one for the new om in white law and we will have a tent at the bike in the park fest.



Tom Petri thinks MTB'n is cool

Tom Petri ( Wisconsin Congreesman from district 6 ) stopped by my place of employment the other day. The Prez of the Company that I work for asked if I would like to take a few pictures of Tom's tour. And... I got the chance to talk a little bit to Tom about our group and advocate MTB'n to him. We only talked for a short time. But... I did plant the seed in his head for more community trials in Manty Co.


back by popular demand: we are doing the PORT 2 POINT FUND RAISER with the O'Beater Meter Challenge again this year.
we had a great turn out last year and it should be even bigger this year.

we would like to give a huge thanks to the local bike shops that sponsored this event. the prizes for the O'beater Meter challange are very nice!!

hope to see you at this event-THE NEW OM STAFF


THE NEW OM is very excited about the opertunity to scout and design a potential trail at MC. 2011 is looking great for our group. Here is a map of Walla Hi CNTY Park. This is another area that the CNTY is letting us look at. This is twice the sz of MC.The park does have trails already. This trail will be up for disscusion at future NEW OM meetings in the months to come.

scouting MC

yeah.....we already started scouting the land at MC. a large chunk of the land is roll'n and flow'n.


Adam Backus (The Manitowoc County Park Supervisor) has giving us permission to pinflag the Cherney Maribel Caves County Park area. The map below has the area indicated (Park Property in the red outline) what we are allowed to map out.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

The State Natural Area is maintained by a group of folks that are doing an outstanding job in preserving the natural caves in Maribel. 
Of course…..the State Natural Area is off limits to us.



Explore this area ASAP.

We will then pinflag the potential trail.

document the pinflagged trail with GPS.

We will then submit our trail design to the County Planning&Parks Commission.


This is a HUGE step for our MTB’n community and even bigger responsibility for us as a group to represent in promoting and preserving environmentally responsible mountain biking for Manitowoc CO.

1st 2011 fund raiser for MTB trial devo in Manty CO.

this is going to rule!!! hope you can make it to get yo spin on!


here's a great read from John Bradlley from the March 2010 issue of Outside Mag.

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