MANITOWOC County 1st MTB trail

I am proud to say the THE NEW OM: Designs, Builds and Maintains the Moutain Bike Trails at the Cherney Maribel Caves County Park. YES...We have a trail!
The NEW OM has been a Club for less than 2 yrs and we now have 1-1/2 miles of trail that we can ride (built in a little over a month). This is only the 1st built loop for Phaze 1 . We have about 4 more miles of trail to build on this county property.
 Thanks to all that helped out ( to many to know who you are)!!! and a HUGE thanks to ADAM BACKUS!!!

We will continue to build trail every weekend.


This 1964 Hurcules Bike was donated to the NEW OM from Robert Peterson. Broken Spoke Bike Studio has purchased this bike from our club for $250. Thanks a ton Robert!!! and thank you Broken Spoke!!!

2012 NEW OM jersey

This is work in progress. Please let me know any and all comments, suggestions or changes that you would like to see for the 2012 NEW OM jersey. thanks for your help! -Wade-

close up for image detail

 1 more detail image


we finally gave Mel from the KOHLS AIA group her plaque. Thanks again!!! and thanks to all the NEW OM peeps that came out for the photo too.


Trail building is hard work and fun.....the hardest part is keeping the troups in line.

Rabies caught a fish this big.....JK....don't remeber what he was talking about, but we wanted to hear all about it.

what started as a tight curve ended up being a berm. Josh: hauling one rock at a time.

tons of rocks, sweat and a few hours later, we have a small berm.


RICHMOND: hard at work in the field.

there is alot of cool things about trail building, meeting the natives of the land is one of the best parts. this snake that Rabies is holding is only 3" long.

this snake is about 4' long.


the MC trail has plenty of cool features. sofar it has 3 rock gardens.

and a log pile.

everybody's welcome to come out and help build the 1st MTB trail in Manitowoc County. We work every Saturday and Sunday at 9am til noon or later.


Note: the Red line on the map is our 1st loop that we are try'n to complete by 10-8-11.

The Lines on the map are NOT exact. The red lines for the 1st loop is not too far off from the true trail. Blue lines on the map for the 2nd loop is just an idea where the trail may go. 


Thanks to Rob S and his hook up, Lowes in Manty gave our club a crap ton of tools...we're give'n them this plaque to show our appreciation.


Trail Signs

We would like to get the same kind of trail signage that the ICE AGE trail has. This post is made out of Carsonite, it has a lil flex...just in case if somebody would hit. We would by them from a company in Madison.

 Please pass the word along about Donateing a sign to the NEW OM.


Yeah, we're all pretty excited about getting our MTB trail out at MC. But, how cool will it be have'n a trail in Manty Co that you can ride and then go explore in some historic caves after. Here's some pics that i took off the HTR website.

whatch out for bats!!!!

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