Everyone Can Play a Role in a Mountain Biking Club


You don't need to Build Trail to help out your local MTB club. There are different ways to help out. You can spend time looking into different grants that your club can fill out, Plan and organize a a fund raiser, cook or bake food on trail building days for the people that are cutting trail. The list is huge for what you can do for your club.

Here are 2 examples:

We broke our wagon last weekend. Randy Johnson took the time to weild it back together.


Here is a pic of Paul Braun enjoy'n a cold one after a ride in front of the tool shed that he donated to our club. And he donated all the lumber for our kick ace berm too.
 Hey Paul...nice jersey man!!!

Thanks guys!! 
 And thanks to everybody that helps out in any role that you play for our club.



This weekend we did a fundraiser for our club by getting sponsors for each rider to payout for each lap the rider finished. As of right now we raised about $300 bones and still waiting for more cash to come in. Thanks to everyone that came out and a huge thanks to Dan from Kewaunee for supporting our club and the cause.

Steve and Richmond

Graden on the wood berm, look mom...no feet.

Joel took a digger, he's okay just a lil dirt and blood.

Dan com'n up to the berm. watch out for the Sasquatch!!


This past weeked we tried our best to devo alot of trail at Maribel Caves. We had some new volunteers come out to join in on the fun (Chris from Hortonville and Ben from Copperstown) thanks guys!

Richmond and Josh. planning for the attack.


We had standing water on part of our new section of trail. We wanted to armor this section ASAP before it got to messed up.
Richmond and Ben haul'n rock to the mucky trail section.


Here's the mucky area. The plan: fix it before it get's too fudged up.

Here's Richmond and Ben try'n to fix the mucky spot. The rocks are protecting the trail from getting torn up, but it is killing the flow of the trail and not working the best. Hopefully in the near future we can build a slight bermed bridge to go over this wet spot of trail.

We had this one problem but at the end of the day, the trail work day was awesome!! thanks to all that came out to help!


We now have trail markers on our trail at Maribel. Here is a pic of our trail head marker. Note the major NEW OM sponsor sticker. thanks guys!

Other markers have caution stickers before our features and bridge. take a ride and check them out.

Trail Design Specialists

  Trail Building Education is something that The NEW OM feels very strongly about. It Gives your club members a feel of ownership to the trails that they help build and maintain. And gives your club more creditability in the eyes of land owners and managers. Thanks to Bridgit Brown and the Wisconsin DNR, The NEW OM was able to get two more club members certified as TRAIL DESIGN SPECIALISTS. This class was taught by Mike Ritter ( he pretty mouch wrote the trail building books that IMBA sells).  In this class you get 1 full day of trail design, 1 full day of trail Building and 1 full day of trail maintenance and crew leading. this is 1/2 day education in the class room with a test before lunch and the 2nd half of the day is spent on the trail,The 4th day is spent in the field putting your skills to the test.

Congrats and thanks to Chris and Joel for getting certified!!!





The LUNG and LEATHER FACE spent 3 nites building the berm at MC. This thing is solid and rides smooth.

Thanks again guys for all the volunteer time that you dedicated to building this awesome berm!!

The LUNG: taking the lower half of the berm. This will give you more speed and will whip you around the corner faster.

 I just got a Nikon D5100. had to take a nature pic. This guy was hanging out by the berm wishing he could ride it.

Darrell: coming in HOT....yeah it's that fast.

And... after seeing the awesome constructiong of this berm, Travis was asked by Ric Damm (Ripon College Cycling Race Coach) to come out to Ripon and help them make a wood berm on there trail.

you can learn more about the Ripon College cycling team and there trails here: http://ripon.edu/athletics/cycling/index.html


   We got the permission from the County Park Super to make a wood berm in the North West section of our trail. We do have a novice route to the inside of the berm. But for the Biker that comes in hot around that corner, stay outside and enjoy the ride. This is still being built. should be completed by June 28th.

 The wood for this berm was donated by Paul Braun from BRAUN BUILDING CENTER. THANKS MAN!!! And this project is being lead by Travis "THE LUNG" Johnson and Darrell "LEATHER FACE" Scheppman. looks GREAT so far boys. nice work!!!



LEATHER FACE: hard at work with is tool of choice.



Pictures of the completed BERM coming soon.

Share the Trail

  When Mountain Biking at Maribel or any trail, we need to be respectfull to other trail users. The MTB trail at MC is designed and built to be a MTB specific user trail but it is still open to other users. We are going to find hikers, runners and people picking shrooms on the MTB trail. We need to yeild to them and be incontrol of our bike at all times when ride'n any trail. By showing respect to other users, we will get respect back. And that will help ours and other MTB groups move forward to devo more trail in the future.


This will be our 3rd year in a row for our Bar b-q in Sheboygan. This is a great time for kids and familys to hang out. hope you can come out.


 We have been working on a MTB mini video for the last 2 years. Production on the video has slowed down due to us dedicating our time to trail building. Well....it's time to get back on track and film for this vid. We will be working with the very talented Chad Day. Chad is the dude that helped us get our website started and filmed and edited tons of other vidoes. you can check out his work here:




We'll have postings for shooting the video on the "events calader" page of this site. hope you can come out and be a part of this video. Video should drop by mid summer.

here's the cover art for the DVD. yeah....it will change i'm sure.

 The filming, directing, production and editing for this video is going to be top notch. Our resources to making this video great is in our hands.  What is not in our hands is the cost to produce this video. I am asking for any kind of sponsorship dollars for this video.  And of course, you or your business will be recognized in the video and on the packaging. The video will not only showcase MTB’n on local trails but will also have riders talk about WHY they love to MTB (the video is going to be called “THIS IS WHY”).<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Thanks a ton in advance for any and all help to make this video great for NE Wisconsin!


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