Mt. Borah custom NEW OM Socks

We had Mt.Borah produce a limited run of custom sox for our club. It will cost ya 15 bones to cover you toes.

Cherney Maribel Caves County Park MTB Trail shirt

Here's a shirt that we'll have for sale next week. This is a 2 color print on American Apperal long sleeve gray tee. It's not only a great way to advertise our trail that we we worked so hard to build, but it's a good wat to raise a couple bucks for our club too. This is a limited print, Get'em while you can.


 I am very happy to be part of a club that when you ask for a little bit of help, you get it...THANKS NEW OMERS. I asked for some volunteers to come out twice a week to blow off the leaves on our trail. Well, we got a ton of volunteers wanting to get rid of those trail covering leaves.

hey man, I thought there was a trail here.

oh yeah, there it is



This is by far my favorite No MTB sign. At least this looks like a MT Bike. This sign is on the Ice Age trail at Point Beach.


Everything is really coming together for the CAVEMAN TT event. Here is a prototype of the award that we will by handing out. The art will cahnge a lil bit. this is laser engraved red alder with a custom base ( Base and construction is made by Jerry Luebke).

Click on the Events Calander tab at the top of the screen for info about the Caveman TT Event.


  I am sad to say that of Sept 30th, 2012, WORBA is no longer a independent state wide MOUNTAIN BIKING ADVOCACY organization. ( yeah dude....WORBA is done). But all is not lost. The leaders of WORBA are now working under the umbrella of the WISCONSIN BIKE FED. Future is nature....What does this mean for The NEW OM? We are moving forward to becoming a chapter of IMBA. Hopefully in the next week or 2 we can get our ducks in a row and submit our chapter club app to IMBA.
 I would like to say this: We would not be the club that we are today without the help and support that WORBA gave us the last 2 years and 39 weeks. And for this, The NEW OM thanks you.



We are having a little Time Trial Event Fundraiser out at the caves on Rocktober 21st. There are going to be some NEW OMers putting down the hammer on the trail that day for home turf bragging rights. This is going to be fun to watch and hopefully we make a lil bit of cash for our club.
 for more info about this event, click on the events tab at the top of the screen.


Yup, we're always busy building trail. It feels like that it will never end, but we're cool with it.
Note: that chainsaw, Darrell always has that thing.

Here's a start of a boardwalk that is placed over an area of our trail that likes to hold water.

Completed Boardwalk: Darrell, Chris, Corry
If we did not place this boardwalk here, we would need to reroute the trail or the trail would take abuse from natrural and user impact.

Chris: taking great care to make this section smooth.
I said this a million times and i'll say it again:
Our trail is designed and built to be the most
environmentally friendly sustainable trail as possible, making it extremely
enjoyable to ride. This is something that we take great pride in.

Darrell and another one of his master pieces:
 This is a boardwalk that is going over another section of trail that holds water. This Boardwalk has a little bit of a pitch leaning inside the turn. It's not a berm, but it is banked to help keep the rider stay on it a little easier.

You can hit this Boardwalk with alot of speed. ENJOY!!!



This past Satuday we had a "Family Picnic and Mountain Bike Ride" at Maribel Caves to celebrate our 1 year anniversary for Trail building at the park. I was very surprised at the HUGE turn out that we had for the party. I am very proud to part of our club,community and all the hard work that everyone has done in the last year. It goes to show that having a Mountin Bike Trail in Manitowoc Co is more than just a dirt trail in the woods for people to ride, it brings friends and familys together too.
 Thanks to all that came out to help us celebrate!!!



Chris and the Rabies

Carrie Ann and Teresa...GRILL MASTERS!!
Thanks to Carrie we all had hot meat to eat.

Mike B, Dan H and Al

Darrell spends more time building trail than he does ride'n.

John G.

Dave leading the pack.

Mrs. Rabies

Blare V with the GoPro cam.


Last Sunday nite I got a text from Adam Backus (Manty Cnty Park Super) say'n that he heard about Rob and that he was sorry and he's friends with Matt. I replied back and said thanx. 2 seconds later he replied back say'n that maybe we could do some kind of memorial down at the park for Rob. After thinking about it for a little bit, we thought our newest section of trail should be for Rob. That week we busted our ass to finish that section of trail to have it open by Sept. 1st. We wanted Matt or Robs son Zach to be the 1st to ride this section of trail. They said it would be an honor and they'll meet us at the park on Saturday.

Well.....Matt and Zach did not show up alone. They pretty much brought the entire family for this event.

Here we are hiking up to the new section of trail.


Rob's dad (Bob) brought up the trail markers. Chris pounded the 1st one in.


We had some words about Rob before we opened the trail.


Zach rode the new setion 1st and we all hiked it to the end where Matt pounded in the last tral marker.


I want to say thanks to Robs entire family for coming out to help us open this section of trail and to celebrate Robs  life.

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